Posted by: ryanhanks | November 20, 2012

Throughout the course of Women & Leadership Studies, I find it quite interesting in some articles displaying the fact of women seeking approval from other matriarchs from their families or within the society in order to take on the challenge of being an authentic leader in order to influence other individuals in accomplishing his/her goal objectives in life. But what I do not understand is why was it important for women to have approval from fellow members of the community in order to have their support with whatever decision they were going to install? I believe that women during the early 1940s and 1950s were forced to keep quiet or decided to not participate in order to keep their status in the community when it came to the perspective of potential women leaders who fought against the unfair equality and justice of women rights and who challenged the laws of men. It is important to understand how women went through the era where they were looked upon as only being the matriarch of the family only tending to the needs of the family and attending engagements with their spouses instead of committing themselves to establishing an organization revolved around creating principles which help with providing women with the respect and responsibility of managing tasks which involved incorporating task oriented styles of leadership. But women were appealed as unqualified leaders because they focused more on keeping relational oriented styles of leadership instead of focusing their attention on principles which were suitable to the needs of men. It is very surprising to see people displaying opposing thoughts when comparing women leaders to male leaders because when a male leader begins to speak, then all of the attention is drawn forward where people will look and listen to what he has to say. But when a woman leader begins to speak, no one is willing to give their full attention to what she is saying. It is ashamed to know how much of an impact it has caused within society, but women are speaking on behalf of other women who are hesitate in leading others in the community. Because of the gender stereotype caused many years ago, women are becoming more empowered to accomplish anything which they come across in the world.

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