Posted by: beccamariej | November 21, 2012

Totally Spies

Not sure if anyone else watched the cartoon Totally Spies growing up. It’s a show about three girls who are kick-ass spies and it basically puts the girls in strong, typically masculine roles. Well apparently the show is being brought back and in the “new and improved” version, the girls are depicted as much more sexualized.

Photo from the original version: 


Photo from the new ad:



Do you see what I mean? Nice one media!



  1. Becca I’m lost on how this pertains to leadership. Do you feel this goes back to appearance making a difference? Women, Leadership in the media? Or is this more of a gender role thing?

    • I thought it would go along with how women deal with what is usually deemed as “masculine” type roles (spy) and how they are being portrayed in the media (a then and now type comparison) and also how they are using appearance to sell it, as if it won’t be enough already…I know it isn’t obvious women leadership, but it deals with the issue of appearance and how women are portrayed in the media (especially to children) in masculine roles…does that make sense?

      sorry if that sounded a bit redundant, I just want to make sure my post is understood.

  2. I guess I see that women can’t be portrayed as leaders in society (spies) without first being sexualized? I think it’s awful that they had to go this far when the audience is children.

    • I completely agree. I can’t believe the media would take it this far. It is a shame that this is the direction the media is heading, therefore it is also the direction society is going too. This cartoon in particular could have had a positive change for women taking on masculine roles, however, it was taken over by the media. I have seen a lot of more sexualized childhood cartoon characters in the media recently. Why the sudden change? I definitely wouldn’t consider it “new and improved” either. I think the media is predominantly responsible for young children (especially girls) becoming more sexualized and provocative.

  3. I can’t believe it! I loved that show. They look ridiculous, why do secret agents need their boobs hanging out?!

  4. OMG I loveeee this show! My sister and I use to watch this growing up and I remember us wanting to become like them later on and being able to feel like we were in control. Now that I think about it, this show gave a strong sense of empowerment to girls. Wow, I just realize how much this cartoon really impacted not just myself or my sister but also the girls that we use to watch this with. It just goes to show that the media does have a strong influence on kids that watch what they show. I cannot believe this is up here =)) it just made my day!

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