Posted by: sallygrace1993 | November 23, 2012

Spot-on in Casino Royale

Spot-on in Casino Royale

Start watching at minute 1:45 into the video.  Bond makes observations about his female counterpart’s views on herself, her appearance, and the impression she wants to convey regarding it all.  It’s fascinating because he practically echos many of the articles we read on appearance. 


  1. What I’m seeing here is just a lot of what we learned in class being mentioned in a movie. I’d like to think this was progress, but this is not built on later in the movie and is, in fact, torn down over most of it.

  2. I enjoy this video because he states exactly what we discuss in class. He even mentioned the type of suit she wears. In the Patteson reading about what clothes to wear, they mention multiple options of suits that display what type of person the individual is. She seems to be wearing a more “aggressive feminine suit”, which indicates that she wants to be taken seriously. I also agree with Thomas. The James Bond series is notorious for taking strong women and somehow degrading them. Even “M” in the new Skyfall movie is put down as a leader because of failures. When men make mistakes in the movie people joke about it, but when a woman does she is looked down upon as a failure.
    Here is a video that displays “M” making a critical decision.

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