Posted by: laurenboudreau26 | November 25, 2012

Paint the White House Pink

I saw this earlier today on Twitter and it immediately caught my eye-notice the title, “Barbie Finally Takes a Stand to Run for President”…I immediately noticed the ‘finally’ as if it has been an uphill battle to get there.  I still cannot decide if this is a step in the right direction for women or a few steps back…as of right now, I am going to go with it having a negative impact on women in leadership. The barbie is wearing pink and the statement by the creator, “We love the idea that she should paint the White House pink,” Benz told “It would be a major accomplishment.” Really, paint the White House pink? That is a little too stereotypical, however, there are some positive aspects to this barbie doll–she can stand by herself and she will be sold in a variety of ethnicities.

Will this inspire more young girls to run for President someday/become involved in politics? Do you think this is a step in the right direction? Also, there was a previous political Barbie doll and now they are coming out with another…clearly, there is still a motive to get women more involved in politics, and I am interested to see how society will react to this new Barbie geared towards little girls.


  1. I like that they are trying to show politics in a positive light in the eyes of little girls however, I don’t think they should go in the direction of “painting the White House pink”…makes it sound like a joke. I also hate the fact that pink seems to be the only color that “belongs” to women. Working at a daycare, I hear parents complain quite frequently that their son likes the color pink, as if that was a huge deal…I don’t understand why that is such a major issue. I know plenty of girls who love blue and green and red and that seems to be no problem whatsoever but pink is such a “girl color” and I guess it irks me a bit that just because girls are being targeted to get them interested in politics they have to switch the symbolic color of the White House to pink. Women are interested in much more than what color the buildings are…

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