Posted by: ryanpatecell | November 27, 2012

TIME’s Person of the Year

Sandra Fluke: This is a woman that many people have never heard of. This goes to show that so many women fly under the radar, but still make tremendous impacts on a local, national, or global level. Sandra Fluke, 31, became a women’s-rights activist in college and continued on as a law student at Georgetown. As a daughter of a Christian pastor, she complained about being denied a chance to testify at a Republican-run House hearing on insurance coverage for birth control. Rush Limbaugh, a radio talk show host known for being a conservative political commentator, called Fluke a “slut.” Democrats and many Republicans reacted with outrage, and the left made Limbaugh’s slur a prime example in what they called a GOP “war on women.” Fluke, meanwhile, weathered the attention with poise and maturity and emerged as a political celebrity. It takes a lot of composure to remain calm and not fight back when your name is associated with an accusation such as that. Fluke was simply fighting for what she believed in, which is a true model for people everywhere. In such a heated political campaign, I admire her strength in fighting for such a touchy subject for many women. Democrats gave her a national-convention speaking slot as part of their push to make reproductive rights a central issue in the 2012 presidential campaign — one that helped Barack Obama trounce Mitt Romney among single women on Election Day. Although her leadership is viewed on a smaller scale (because many people still don’t know who she is), she has the potential to do great things by being persistent. It’s refreshing to see someone not fight back, retaliate, and stoop to low levels when they are insulted. Her leadership has so much potential if she stays true to herself.

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