Posted by: ryanhanks | November 27, 2012

Women Trios

In the modern world, millions of people have recognized women mostly based on their appearance instead of looking beyond the point of appeal. Even women, who are a part of a group, have been perceived by the movie & entertainment industries as women who represent the good nature of how a woman should look in the world. Actresses Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore are known for portraying the female action heroines Dylan, Natalie, and Alex from the movie Charlie’s Angels. When watching the film, you can clearly see how the movie industry appeals to the male audience with the use of clothing apparel which brings together the image of women in bikinis, skin hugging dresses, and sleek curves. Destiny’s Child is another group which consists of three women entertainers who take on the image of bringing sexy back because of their body physique and flawless appearance to male audiences across the globe. Imagery has taken a heavy toll of expressing how women need to dress in order to have a voice in the community and even though it is decreasing every day, it still continues to change the views of how a woman must express herself if she wants to be heard by others.


  1. I totally agree with you. I learned something like this in my sex and gender class. Because of the way female are portrayed in the media, girls and young women begin to place an unhealthy emphasis on the way they look. They also might feel that being beautiful is the only way they can influence others around them.

  2. I agree with both of you. The media does portray women as sexy and it can lead to negative body image in a lot women and young girls. One thing I find interesting is the people who are critics of women and their appearance. In my research methods psychology class we looked at how women tend to be the harshest online, especially when judging other girls/women. Women are more likely to comment on another women’s weight or physical appearance more than men. So why does this happen? If women say they do not agree with the way women are portrayed in the media and the “perfect body” that is often been airbrushed as the norm for what women should look like, then why do we say so many negative comments? The change has to come from women first, before we can expect the media and others to stop being critics on women’s physical appearances.

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