Posted by: niedermaier22 | November 28, 2012

Marissa Mayer

Here is a terrific article on Marissa Mayer. This article focuses on the culture of the work area. She wants to make Yahoo “a fun place to work again” (para. 8). The comments regarding the article, seen at the bottom of the article, by readers are very interesting as well. One person said, “I don’t understand the obsession with the media over this woman. All she did was get the job. How about some coverage a year or two from now to see if she is actually any good at it.” When I read this comment, it made me think of the canary from Kellerman and Rhode. This person sees Marissa Mayer as the canary going into the mine and is waiting to see if she dies or lives. I think she will survive in “mine.” She is changing the negative work environment to a positive work environment. Do you think that she will be successful with changing the work environment? Do you agree with what this person said?


  1. I agree with your comments regarding Mayer changing the work environment- we got some insight to the work she’s doing from the interviews we viewed in class and I believe there was a reading about her, as well.

    One thing I was reminded of when reading the comment about her simply getting a position and questioning the hype was the “Does it matter?” question. Earlier in the semester we went back and forth questioning whether or not it was necessary for women in positions of power to verbalize their success. I still don’t know the answer to that question. One would hope the answer is “No, it is not necessary. People can recognize the dichotomy.” but I still wonder if something needs to be said. If women who reach high positions of power serve as token women and are few and far between, it is not an accurate representation of the American population; and I have to wonder if men in complementary positions and society collectively becomes complacent with these few token women.

    I wonder if not verbalizing the reality fails to put emphasis on the disequilibrium among men and women. On the flip side, would bringing the issue to the forefront trigger reactions that would prolong the process for women?

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