Posted by: sallygrace1993 | November 28, 2012

The Girl Effect

The Girl Effect

These two short videos present concise facts with a strong impact regarding statistics about the unfairly low opportunities available to so many girls.  However, what’s unique about these particular clips is a solution is also offered; it does not merely consist of complaining about women’s rights, or lack thereof.  They make the point that the creation of powerful leaders and positive changes in the future can start with impacting young girls. The website,, says: “The girl effect is alive. Across the world, girls are finding their voices. If we listen to them, we can do something amazing. We can end global poverty – forever.”


  1. These are such powerful videos. I’m so encouraged by the opportunities for action that these stories present. It reminds me of our class discussion about where we will take our knowledge outside of the classroom, and I’m realizing that it doesn’t mean developing a brand new initiative or being incredibly innovative and large-scale. It can look like investing in your neighbor, being a pen-pal, supporting organizations that are already working toward change for women. Opportunities to do good or contribute to change are all around, I think it is just a matter of recognizing the opportunities in the many forms they present themselves.

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