Posted by: thomashaymescnu | December 3, 2012

This evening, I watched a screening of Skyfall. After watching the movie, I realized something about the character of M, played by Judi Dench. I noted the masks the character wore throughout the film. Her main mask was one of the serious business woman willing to risk her men and do anything to get the missions done. The problem is that the character seems like a constant ball-buster stereotype, and this attitude actually launches the conflict of the film. Beneath that mask lies a more emotional woman who herself, can also count as a stereotype in herself. Could this count as some sort of sexism, a hold over from Bond films past?


  1. I do not know if I would categorize this as sexism, but I definitely think this may be more than just wearing a mask. As leaders we want to come off as being authentic, but I think in this example this woman has lost all of her authenticity by changing herself completely. Although this woman’s position requires a more serious and demanding leader; I think it is possible for her to keep some of her personal attributes. There are always appropriate situations to let your emotions show and this may be a character flaw that pertains to M. If she could recognize the appropriate times to let her subordinates know that she has feelings, then she may have diverted the entire conflict in the film. I wonder if a person can lose parts of who they are when they are constantly wearing a mask. I have never seen this film, but did this character lose any aspects of their authentic self?

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