Posted by: ryanhanks | December 3, 2012

Kristen Stewart

When the new media made headline coverage of the scandal between actress Kristen Stewart and director Rupert Sanders, everyone across the world were surprised by the atrocity especially the love of her life, actor Robert Pattinson. Fans of the Twilight Saga, the entertainment industries, family & friends, and other celebrities including Liberty Ross, wife of Rupert Sanders lashed out for Stewart’s actions which eventually led to the break up between Stewart and Pattinson, one of Hollywood’s beloved couples. But months later, Kristen Stewart was able to pull herself together and managed to do every little bit in building her relationship back with Robert. She showed more affection and love towards him, apologizing to him when speaking to the media, and earning trust from his family including his mother, sisters, as well as herself. She knew exactly what she did was wrong and in the long run paid a heavy toll, but ultimately, came through and was able to admit the honest truth. Robert knew that he was still in love with her vice versa and knew he would not be able to stay away from her that long. He later took her back and told the press that they were starting over and working things out. But some people wonder if Robert would be ever to trust Kristen again because of her actions? The paparazzi is referring Stewart as a “cheater” who would always live the life of adultery and heresy, whereas others believe that Kristen would be able to win back Robert’s trust within a couple of years. The overall moral is how one who commits a crime which may seem heinous, no one is perfect and there is still good in the world. Even though Kristen Stewart broke Robert Pattinson’s heart, she knows now how much she has to deal with the thought of almost losing someone who means a lot to her and how never to do it again. In leadership, we discuss the importance of women maintaining a relational oriented style of leadership with fellow individuals within the community, but in this case, this particular style of leadership was almost lost because of what took place which had an effect on many people across the globe.


  1. It also seems like there is a double standard in this situation. There was two people involved in the scandal- Kristen and Rupert Sanders. Sanders has been publicly criticized for cheating, but it seems like most of the blame has put on Kristen. Both parties are wrong, but Sanders was the one who was supposed to be in happy and faithful marriage. I do agree what Kristen did was very wrong, but to me Sanders got off easy. Maybe it’s because Kristen is more famous than Sanders, and she is dating “heartthrob” Rob Pattinson.

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