Posted by: kaitlynproffitt10 | December 3, 2012

Why Women Make Better Leaders

   I recently stumbled across this article on Forbes’ website and it discussed certain qualities that make women better leaders than men. These main qualities included: communication, empathy, perspective, having a vision, and maturity. Although many of these traits coincide with the traits we have attributed to affective women leaders in class, there are some that conflict with what we have discussed. The two traits that I think best coincide with what we have discussed in class are empathy and perspective. Women are naturally more empathetic by nature, which can be beneficial for an array of leadership positions. As for perspective I think this quality pertains to both men and women because both sexes can see an issue or an idea in a different way.

   I thought it was interesting that they included communication as one of the strengths that women possess since we have discussed many of the weaknesses women have in communicating. We have discussed how women have a tendency to use mitigated speech and hedging, while this article states that “women are better at verbalizing what they think.” Although I have met a few women that are comfortable in all situations to communicate exactly what they are thinking, I have met more women that are apprehensive to contribute their thoughts or ideas. (especially in the presence of dominating male figures).

   Does anyone feel as though there are any other qualities that should have been included in this article? Or does anyone completely disagree with what this article is trying to argue?

*Note that this article recognizes that men can also possess these qualities, while some women may not have any of these qualities. 

(I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago, but it got saved as a draft rather than being published. Please let me know if there is any issues with the link and I will re-post it!)


  1. I thought the article was alright, but I really got a kick out of reading the comments. It started out and I thought they were pretty average, but this one person kept posting replies. At first I was really annoyed by everything he had to say, but he finally posted a full comment saying exactly what he feels, and to be honest, i agree with some of what he has to say. It is the user “deepthink.” While I was turned off by the many grammatical errors, the meaning is still conveyed. He notes the importance of men in the fight for equality for women. To be honest, I think the men often are forgotten, at least I’ve felt they have been in our class discussions. He says that the best way for us to advance as a society would be to stop coming from a standpoint where one gender is superior to the other, and look at the fact that everyone is different. Much like we’ve been saying all semester, he seems to be making the argument for looking at the individual for what they have accomplished and their character instead of focusing on things like gender, race, etc.

    I wish he would have been less rude in the ways he presented his arguments. However, he does have another point I wanted to discuss. When he talked about women overthrowing patriarchy and creating a matriarchy, it reminded me of the end of Mockingjay (the third Hunger Games). SPOILER ALERT. Specifically, it reminded me of when they over throw President Snow in the end, and President Coin says that she wants to have a new Hunger Games only this time the Capitol will be sending its kids into the games instead of the districts. Katniss knows this isn’t fair and toils with the issue of whether or not to agree with it. This is an example of someone who is leading a group that was inferior to the other that once they rose up, tried to exert their power on the first group, which would not fix anything. Anyways, just really enjoyed reading a completely different perspective.

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