Posted by: susanpatriquin | December 4, 2012

Grameen Bank

This video is a Nobel Peace Prize short documentary about the Grameen Bank that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. This company was created and is run as a loan company from private donors to help people in poor countries start businesses of their own, and then once their businesses begin, they start to pay back the loans. The most interesting part is at around the 2 minute mark. The man mentions that 90% of the borrowers are women and that the men are usually left on the outside. The owner of the company did this on purpose because he saw different benefits from men and women. I don’t know how relevant this is, but I think connecting it back to organizational culture and women as leaders is really impressive in this example. Even in these impoverished countries, more and more organizations are turning to women. I just thought it was really cool. Check out the video. It’s short and pretty awesomee

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