Posted by: susanpatriquin | December 4, 2012

Is gender the only component?

I was doing research for my project today, and I came across a Huffington Post article (credibility is iffy, but it’s got some interesting points) about African American women in the business world. I know we don’t really focus on race in this class, but I guess my question is do they have a valid point? I think their point is valid, and while we should focus on the gender portion for our class, maybe it would be useful to point out the other factors. What do ya’ll think?


  1. I wonder if this is just a lag in progress since women and minorities haven’t been in serious business for a couple decades. But the double jeopardy does seem like a plausible idea. I think this is another example of the molds and expectations leaders face. But does this mean the women of a non white race have to be less authentic, or act white to be more effective in the work place? Or does this go back to the opting out theory and maybe the number in minorities are heavier?
    This is a really good question Susan.

  2. I do agree with the point that gender is not the only component that hinders certain people from achieving their goals. I did learn in my sex and gender class that minorities and other unrepresented people do sometimes encounter the double disadvantage. I also think it is a great example of how African Americans have to sometimes mask their ambitions.If the don’t hide their ambitions they are criticized for acting White.

  3. Thanks for sharing this article, Susan! This is a question I posed early in the semester and wish we had spent more time on- “Do minority women face greater adversity?” I think this is a really loaded issue, like all things, because you can look at tokenism or you can look at statistics that say both women and minorities are significantly underrepresented in the business world.

    I honestly have no idea where to begin- with race? With gender? Both? Neither? But this is a topic that fascinates me!

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