Posted by: jessapo2014 | December 7, 2012

Women and Bad Leadership

I am taking my values leadership class this semester as well as this class and we just wrapped up our presentations for our papers on bad leadership in film. Something that I noticed as the presentations went on was that there were not very many of us who had bad leaders as women in the films that they chose. The ones who did have women, these women were seen as the “bitch” in the film. Something really interesting that I noticed was that these women were outside of the stereotypical film character in the fact that they either were not a mother, had no family or had failing relationships. The women around them that were caring and lead their family lives were seen as the heroines in the movie. I know that there are of course the films with the evil queen who is trying to kill the beautiful princess or take over the kingdom but those are fairy tales. These films are looking at the “real life” so why are these women being portrayed as the bad guys? This is just something that I was thinking about and wanted to share.  


  1. It makes me think that their message was if you’re not with a man, you will not be considered complete, nor respected, because no matter what, that is a huge defining portion of a woman’s identity.

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