Posted by: maddielloyd12 | January 10, 2013

CNU’s own form of leadership

When I first singed up for this class I was very intrigued with the fact that I would be learning a topic that I could relate to on a personal level. Leadership is found all over the world, in various scenarios, and with a variety of people. I think that learning and discussing a topic dealing with women and their place in the leadership field will allow me and everyone else in the class the opportunity to work on our own leadership skills as well as grow and mature in our practices as a leader. At CNU we have such a great opportunity to be positive leaders towards our other friends and students, and I see this everyday. Whether it is performed by simple gestures such as opening a door , or just being polite to someone by taking the time to say thank you . When it comes to simple things such as those, I don’t really see that gender takes a preference. I think at that point it has to do with the individual and the type of person they are. Overall I think that CNU has its own way of allowing others to be their own leaders and that allows our community to be much closer.


  1. I definitely agree. I think students at CNU step up to be leaders through their actions in everyday life partially because of their experiences in the leadership program. We are being educated on how be to good leaders. I have noticed that I apply the techniques I have learned in class to my daily life. However, students not in PLP have many leadership opportunities as well. CNU offers many leadership roles for students to take on around campus. One example is orientation. Setting Sail is planned and directed by students. The orientation directors interview and select the SLAP facilitators and crew leaders. They also completely plan the events with little to no help from the CNU staff. The directors are real life leaders and they take on much responsibility. I know when I saw these directors in action it inspired me to become a leader around campus. Another example of someone stepping to up to be a leader is through the facebook group CNU compliments. The person behind this is taking a leadership role by simply making students feel good about themselves and I think that without a doubt this has made our community closer. When you see that you have recieved a compliment you are automatically put in a good mood. This person has created their own unique way of being a leader while bringing us closer as a student body.

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