Posted by: jamiealexander1 | January 14, 2013

Random Leadership Thought

When contemplating what to write for this first blog entry, I had to do some brainstorming. How am I going to use this free space to talk about women in leadership? Then it came to me, while I was listening to the radio. Teachers, men and women, have been working since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that happened recently, to increase safety in the public school systems. Police, shooting ranges, and other officials have been offering programs on gun and personal safety.  To increase safety, many programs have been made for teachers, mainly females, to be able to protect their students and themselves against armed gunmen. I believe that this is a great form of knowledge that all people should know. What do you do if you are threatened at gunpoint, if anything? I think that this is a great issue for discussion, and these programs will be able to provide a chance for better leadership if the situation arises. Since there are generally more female elementary school teachers, would having defense classes be beneficial to aid in increasing the leadership effectiveness in the classroom during difficult situations?

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