Posted by: catherinemeyer11 | January 15, 2013

CNU Greek Life

In the late 1700 and 1880’s fraternities came to rise. It was not until the late 1800’s when sororities came about and a similar opportunity was offered to women. As the CNU Panhellenic Community is gearing up for Formal Recruitment this week, I can’t help but draw connections between this event and our Women in Leadership course. CNUPC “promotes excellence in academics, community and campus involvement, and sisterhood. We are committed to the vision of creating young women of excellence.” Offering an excellent opportunity for leadership opportunities, Greek Life opens the door for successful women in the world. Seen on the screen, in the news, or in high authoritative positions are previous collegiate sorority women. While studying this in class I am so appreciative and amazed at the opportunities and experiences both the Panhellenic Community and  other college organizations create for both genders.


  1. Awesome post Catherine. I believe more than anything that Greek Life is a huge opportunity for women to gather together and rally in order to not only support one another but to build a better community together. Sorority’s have provided a safe haven and home for women during their college years for centuries, where we aren’t on our own in a man’s world but instead together, alongside the Fraternity men, working to make a college campus a collective community while also fundraising and raising awareness for our philanthropies, hoping to make a greater difference in the world. I know for my own organization, Gamma Phi Beta, we are taught that when we were founded in 1874 women couldn’t meet so the traditions and rituals we do today reflect that of the past and uphold our founding traditions in order to show respect for what the women had to go through before us in order to create all the wonderful things we have today within our sisterhood. I am grateful for the Sorority Women of the past for being strong and brave enough to come together and meet in order to found and build some of the great Sororities we have in our Greek Community today!

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