Posted by: kat848 | January 15, 2013

First Thoughts on Women in Leadership

When I think about women in leadership roles it does not come as a shock to me or a surprise. It seems like a natural occurrence that should not be overly contemplated. Women have fought long and hard to get to the social positions they are in now and I think those who question their legitimacy are simply uncomfortable with the changing times.I know I personally do not think twice when I see a man in a position of power such as a CEO or military leader, so I do not in turn question a women who holds the same type of power. If fewer people considered gender before actual ability to get the job done correctly, this world may be a little less chauvinistic and people could put less emphasis on sex and gender. Each individual is different therefore saying a woman is more caring so she would fit the role of teacher better is not a well-developed thought. A woman can be naturally ruthless and authoritarian just because it does not fit the stereotype fed to the public does not mean it cannot happen, just as a man can be naturally feminine or shy. So in my opinion leadership positions should be filled based on who is more adequate for the job gender or sex should not be a factor. Realistically of course this is a grand gesture that some people would be hesitant to agree with. There is still chauvinists in the world who believe women are too weak or that their place is in the home, but of course like all those who believed in a superior race or in this case gender they were all proven wrong.

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