Posted by: juliacraig09 | January 16, 2013

Are all women “caring”?

In M. Wilson’s book Closing the leadership gap: Add women, change everything, he states, “and women will add their own recipe of strong values – inclusion, communication across lines of authority, the work of caring, relationship building – all of which increase satisfaction and productivity everywhere”. Now, I do not disagree with the fact that these qualities would improve the work environment. I more would like to challenge the perception that all women lead this way. This quotation along with many others’ opinions makes the assumption that women are naturally caring and are inclusive in their behaviors. Although this may be the case for some or even many, this is a large generalization. There can be women that appear cold hearted or stern in the working environment and in leadership roles. Not every single woman considers themselves “caring.” However one must take into consideration, are businesses only looking for caring women? Wilson later asks the question, “will women change power or will power change women?” This is a highly debatable question. Is there a certain cookie cutter expectation that women are required to mold to in order to be in a leadership role? Are women able to act on their own grounds whether it be caring or stern in a leadership role or must they change to fit the power?


  1. I believe that it depends on the leadership role a woman desires to hold. If it is in the business world, I feel like the women would need to act in a stern manor. Unfortunately, I feel like a women would not be taken seriously in the business world if she appeared too caring due to people’s views of caring being a inhibiting trait to have when wanting to be productive, and when having a task oriented view that business leaders tend to have. Where as, If a women wanted to lead in education or a more relationship-oriented field, a more caring outlook would be ideal. I feel like this would apply to men as well, thinking of it more as speaking to the hiring audience, rather than women changing themselves to get a certain position or job.

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