Posted by: oliviahildebrand10 | January 16, 2013

Reflections on Class Thus Far

We brought up a lot of really interesting points as a class during our first discussion yesterday and it made me even more excited to delve with you all into the ground-breaking conversation I’m sure this semester is going to turn into. We spent a lot of time honing in on the obstacles that women face in taking on leadership roles and how we perceive those given our individual experiences. I completely agree with the fact that in order to stand up and fight for positive social change, you must understand all facets of the ‘enemy’ and how best to defeat it. With that being said, however, I have always been one to be more concerned with the part of the conversation regarding solutions. I think it is that aspect of this class that I am most looking forward to. While I am by no means denying that barriers unique to women exist or attempting to belittle them, I couldn’t agree more with this quote from Christine Todd Whitman (former NJ Governor and head of the EPA) in Eagly and Carli’s Through the Labyrinth: “I believe, deep down, ‘Yeah, a lot of the tough stuff may be because I’m a woman, but I’m not going to spend my whole time thinking and complaining about it, because then I won’t get anything done. All I will do is concentrate on how the road’s a little harder because I’m a woman.’ After all, there are lots of people for whom it’s much harder than it is for me.” 


  1. I agree with you, Olivia, that we must not dwell on the barriers and get caught up in the difficulty of it all. Without the thought of solutions, there is no way for women to pave their way to equal opportunity. I often get frustrated with leadership texts for this reason. They often moan and whine about what is wrong with leaders rather than try to identify what is going well or how things can improve within the leadership world. Women leaders have come a long way but the fight will not be over until the problem has been fleshed out entirely. However, it is easier to identify problems than to hammer out some solutions.

  2. That quote at the end is so true. A lot of women just complain about the inequality situation between men and women, but very few actually try to solve the problem. The video we watched on Thursday was very interesting and Sheryl Sandberg made fantastic points. Women often do not give themselves enough credit for what they do or they contribute it to something else other than themselves. Women also tend to “leave before they leave”. They check out of there jobs and think about a family way too early. It would benefit women to stay in the workforce up until they actually have a family. Women need to take matters into their own hands and stop wishing everything will change in time.

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