Posted by: alliehackbarth | January 16, 2013

What if women conformed…would we lose or gain respect?

On class on Tuesday, it was interesting to discuss the initial aspects on the differences in the leadership styles of women and men. Women take the role of maternal figures, with a personality concerned with more transformational aspects in the work place than transactional. Women are accused of not being emotionally and mentally tough enough for the strains that coincide with a top leadership position such as CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. But what if women were to become more transactional, less maternal, and more hard edged? This would fit the stereotypical image to most of what an ideal, big time leader is. This would re-define the gender roles, and re-define the expectations for women all together. Would that make women more respected to higher job opportunities or open the door for criticism?

To some degree women have already done this. Over the coarse of the past century, women have made considerable advancements in progressing into the work place. Women have moved from their traditional role as housewife (a role my grandmother took) to being an equal financial provider (my mother) to the idea of being independent and educated (our generation).  So as women move to being more educated and capable of being equal in the work place, will we as women stick to our natural instincts and traits, or conform to the qualities of men that will potentially elevate us higher in a professional field?


  1. These are really good points you are making here. I think one thing that needs to be said is that there will always be criticism. Women will face criticism if they are soft spoken and passive in the work force as well. Even men will have a lot of criticism in a higher job opportunities. I honestly don’t know which women should do. Whether they should alter their qualities to be more like men is a really good question. But another question is, are there women that naturally possess those qualities?

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