Posted by: saraleming | January 16, 2013

What role should I play?


Just look at these two images. They are obviously entirely different from one another.  One image shows a tough, strong, and independent woman flexing her muscles. The other image shows a woman who is eager to serve and looks as if she it taking breakfast to her husband in bed.  The funny thing is these two images were published within ten years of one another.  The first image of Rosie was obviously published during WWII when women were needed women in the workforce and the second was published after the war had ended and women were no longer needed in “men’s” jobs.  What would you think if you saw these two types of propaganda as a woman during that time? It seems to me that it would create confusion as to what a my role in society was.  Should I present myself as the “I can do it” woman or as the “Happy to serve” woman.  If I were hired during the war and then my job was taken away from me after the war because a man could


  1. Hey Sara,
    Firstly, did you finish the blog? From what I can see you stopped mid thought. But to address your blog, this certainly is a predicament I feel like often our society gives us, women, mixed singles in terms of our roles. And I feel like we internalize that greatly. I often want to be courageous and aggressive yet mild mannered and serving. I think a powerful woman is someone that can encompass all of those qualities.

  2. I find it interesting that women were needed during the war to take the place of the men. They even formed a women’s baseball league while many of the players went to war. The question that I have is why did the women have to go back to their old roles just because the war ended and the men returned? Why didn’t they stay in the workforce alongside men? Women were obviously capable of handling things while the men were away. They should have been able to stay if they wanted to.

  3. I agree with Taryn. It’s kind of an interesting thing when you think about it: someone needed to step up and into men’s jobs during the war, so women jumped on it. Then, when it was all said and done, it’s like they slipped back into the background again for the most part. It makes you think about how history (and subsequently, life today) would’ve been different if more women had really put up a fought back in the day to hold their higher status. Would we be experiencing a more gender-equal society and workplace today?

  4. Seeing the images on this blog’s post got me thinking… What would Rosie look like in today’s society? Would she be placed still strong as the face of hard working women for the army, at home with the kids, or maybe doing a little bit of everything? In my mind, even though it has only been 50+ years ago, the original Rosie still remains within us women. Although we now have jobs, plus carin for kids or a husband, while being involved with after school activities and book clubs, etc; women still seem to be in this wonderful mindset of we can do it. The modern Rosie I imagine still is posed with the smile and strength of we can do it, except she would be figured placed over all the things she is doing and accomplishing, applying her to modern day things such as (yes the old fashioned) house keeping, but adding working as a doctor, and maybe owning her own business, or even being the president. Showing that the Rosie in today’s world really can “DO IT”, and the it being anything; which is the beauty I believe our world is coming to, where women and men are all working hard to support the economy, each other, and their families, in a society where all kinds can hopefully grow up believeing that they can do it, just as how I have.

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