Posted by: juliamillard114 | January 17, 2013

A World View

I was reflecting about the conversations that we had in class about women being seen as domestic, non-CEO’s, etc. I was then struck with the thought “what are women’s roles in the world” as opposed to just in our society. Did you know that every five years, the UN publishes a “World Survey on the Role of Women”? It is an in depth analysis of the developmental issues that affect women of the world. It is given to the Committee of the General Assembly to draw attention to gender perspectives in regard to economic and developmental issues. This survey examines income, conditions of work and decision making which I think that the United States has made tremendous progress with compared to the rest of the world. The most recent women’s survey, 2009, focuses on women’s economic empowerment which gives suggestions for policies regarding gender-based employment, promotion and access to resources. I was unaware that publications like this existed and it is an eye-opener to keep in mind relativity when referring to women around the world.


  1. I think that this is a very valid and important conversation that you discussed. I think that becasue women’s role in leadership is such a tough subject for people we are not even aware sometimes that it is more than just our society that is dealing with the issue. More than not we are concerned with figuring out issues based on the United States when we could really be looking at other countries around the world and seeing the impacts that they are having on their communities. If you don’t learn from history it tends to repeat itself, so maybe a good start to fixing our own society is by seeing the improvements of others and what has and hasn’t worked. This will not only save time but alot of other issues that we could potentially prevent.

  2. Wow! I’d never heard of the UN World Survey. That sounds like it would prove to be a real interesting resource for class discussions as the semester goes on. Is the US ahead or behind the rest of the developed world on those statistics? We’ve brought up several times that gender-equality will take time and has improved significantly over the past two generations; are we lagging behind compared to other countries? If so, it would be interesting to examine the path they took to achieve the equality they have today and analyze whether or not it would be conducive to our culture.

  3. I like your point about the US already being ahead of a lot of other countries as far as women in leadership. I think that a lot of times, it is easy to complain about how the American workplace is so against having women in top positions. It is definitely an eye-opener to realize that most other countries are completely against women working at all. With that being said, I think that makes it all the more important for women not to take for granted the opportunities that we have in the workplace in our nation. Whether or not all women take advantage of these opportunities, it is still important to appreciate them.

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