Posted by: leahchiaverini10 | January 17, 2013

Does Change Have To Equate To Loss?

We spoke in class on Tuesday about the Heifetz reading that talked about how people resist loss, not change and connected that changing the amount of women in power would require men to relinquish power.  I know that the number of positions are finite but is the expectation that women step into the positions that men once held with those men graciously stepping down?  If it is, it shouldn’t be.  Just as we have come a long way from the 50’s housewife being the only acceptable way for a woman to be, we must be patient in how we approach this.  Coming in with guns ablaze trying to impact change on the “other” does not seem like a good way to go about it (if any of you have seen Les Mis, you know it can go very badly…).  Change can be something that happens over time so it does look or feel like a loss.  The shift is still there but it does not put people out in a way that might make them resentful.  When change is forced upon a group, the results are much more contrived and mean less than if the group demands the rights but does not threaten.  This kind of change will require patience but that is something that I think is a small price to pay for the equal treatment of men and women particularly in the workplace.


  1. I also believe that patience and time will aid this transition. I think that many people try to rush progressive and by doing so, hurt their cause which they are so passionate about. By rushing this transition that you speak of, it could eventually create a reverse inbalance, in which women outnumber men or men feel intimidated by the rapidness of the transition. There should not be an expectation for men to step down immediately because they have much to teach women that may be taking their positions (and vice versa.) Patience and time are crucial for the improvement of women in the workforce.

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