Posted by: josephineprudhomme | January 17, 2013

More Women Leaders

The most interesting discussion from class that stuck with me this week was about what men would have to give up to allow more women to fill the roles of leadership positions. Equality amongst the workplace is essential especially for companies and organizations within the 21st century. Women leaders are popping up all over and showing that despite gender differences they are able to fulfill leadership roles to the same success as men are able to. Women are becoming more prominent in the leadership status of the work force, something that most women across the board are proud and ecstatic about the progress being made. As being a woman myself I feel proud when I see a woman in a leadership position, especially when she has men working under her. This allows us to feel that we, as women, have climbed another wrung of the ladder of equality. One aspect that many women do not stop to consider is what is being asked of men to place many more women in leadership positions. This would mean that many men would be pulled out of a leadership position. Traditional views of gender roles express that the man is responsible for bringing the earnings home for their family to survive, their role in the family is mainly work oriented and dominated. As much as women want to feel equality by evening the score of men and women found in leadership roles, men do not want to feel as though they no longer are the major bread winners and leaders for their families, a role that has been established since early civilization.


  1. I agree with many of the statements made in this blog. It is beyond encouraging to see a woman in a leadership role with high status. Women that have already broken barriers to many work places and have proved to the world that women are capable. In this past century women have broken theories such as the Concrete Wall and the Glass Ceiling. These theories that say women will never be able to go past a certain point in their career have been eliminated because they have been proven wrong countless times. Some standout examples are Oprah, Sandra Day O’Connor, Hilary Clinton, and Condoleezza Rice. All of these women worked up to high positions by work ethic and drive. Seeing women in such reputable positions gives me personally, the inspiration to accomplish big things like this also.
    But also like Josephine mentioned, as women climb up the professional ladder, men are going to have to step down. That is the difficult part of the equation. As excited as I am for women to grow in respect and gain credibility in the work place, it feels wrong to take men who are just as capable and have them step down. Society will continue to progress in equality, it will be up to the men if they are willing to take a more domestic role. Without the cooperation of both genders, society will stay stagnate and not move forward.

  2. I agree. I think as much as we encourage women to step up and outside of their comfort zones and stereotyped roles, we should encourage men to do the same thing. I definitely believe though that men should participate and seek out domestic roles for the betterment of the family and to become a more well rounded individual not to make room for women in the workplace and to hand them the opportunity. As this issue of inequality continues to progress within society, I believe we will eventually find a balance where the idea of a stay at home dad or a female CEO isn’t so rare anymore.

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