Posted by: tarynfox10 | January 17, 2013

Women in Leadership Roles

In our readings for this week, I found it very interesting about the progress women have made in leadership positions. Starting with “The Concrete Wall” where women could not even have the same educational opportunities as men. Then moving toward “Glass Ceiling” where women made progress in leadership, but they were still not allowed to hold high positions in their jobs. Finally, we are now in “The Labyrinth” stage. Women have broken through the glass ceiling, but there are still some obstacles we must overcome in certain areas. For example, women are still viewed as the main caretakers of a household. I have no problem with women taking on that role, but I believe if they want a high end job or career than they should have the equal opportunity to do so.


  1. I also appreciated the three separate metaphors for women’s progress. The Labyrinth has really brought to my attention how much women really stand in their own way as obstacles. That perspective has always confused up to this point, but when paired with a labyrinth, I can see how a woman, same as a man, can face fears, insecurities and anger in trying to get out of a maze of problems. Basically, I feel like the Labyrinth is the equal playing field for men and women. Men have fears of the unknown, too. Men are insecure about their abilities. The Labyrinth finally reveals that to the world.

  2. As we discussed in class, difference between “The Glass Ceiling” and “The Concrete Wall” is that “The Glass Ceiling” is a barrier that cannot be seen right away and the “The Concrete Wall” is one that can be seen by women far in advance. Reiterating this helps me understand the three better.

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