Posted by: jordandorsey09 | January 21, 2013

The Maze

In the reading the authors discuss the three “periods” of women’s oppression in the work force   They first describe the concrete wall which is a blatant obstacle.  Second they discuss the glass ceiling which is an unseen obstacle.  And finally they discuss the maze wherein reaching the top is possible but somewhat of a puzzle.  I think these analogies are interesting when observing different professions.  For example in US Presidency and political positions in general I would still consider the concrete wall to be present.  Women know that try as we might the “country just isn’t ready” to have a female president.  In contrast I would view hard scientific and math fields to be male dominated and minded, and there to be a glass ceiling present.  It appears that women can make it to the top and a woman can get pretty far, but eventually she will be stopped and considered less competent in the field than her male counterparts.  Finally, I see areas in the business realm to be more along the lines of a maze.  Women can make it pretty far, up into management  and then from there it is up to us to navigate a tedious and trying path to the top.  This maze is what allows there to be a couple female CEOs in fortunate 500 businesses and is also what stops there from being a large percentage of female CEOs.  Males have more connections and less of a burden placed on their personalities in relation to their ability to lead.


  1. I think inequality for women can be seen in our country but we often take for granted how much opportunity we have. If you take this same system of thinking into other countries where women are still highly oppressed you find practically no situations where anything but the brick wall is applicable. Women do have inequality here but it still has to be recognized that there have been gains in opportunity and freedom. It may be more important to step outside of our borders and figure out how to raise equality in much more oppressive nations. If our generation can succeed in raising opportunity for women everywhere then we really will have made an impact.

  2. I like how you draw upon the the reading concerning the concrete wall, the glass ceiling, and the maze in your post. These three metaphors are faced everyday by women, and generally deter women from pursuing opportunities that they think ‘they mey never achieve.’ There are many opportunites for women out there in the world, but these barriers limit their potential immensely. For example, if a woman was to be elected as President of United States, there are still many countries in the world that believe women are inferior and insignificant to men. In many ways, cultures can become concrete walls and glass ceilings for women in countries that support their progression because outside countries and forces do not take them seriously. This inevitably creates the maze. However, I believe these barriers will change over time and gradually start accepting women as equals.

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