Posted by: krystianhudson12 | January 23, 2013

Women and Leadership

Women have overcome many struggles over the past hundred years. The triumphs made by women were a long time coming, but their consequences were well worth the wait. These triumphs have included the right to vote, equal education, and the opportunity to hold a job. I think one of the main reasons women wanted to work so badly was because they were not given that choice. They were pretty much told that they had to stay at home, take care of their household, and raise their children. There was no choice in that; it was just the life they were told to live. It is my belief that women were not so much worried about working, but they were seeking the choice to work. They didn’t like being told that they had to stay home; they wanted to choose for themselves. I think a lot of times now we focus on the fact that women are not equally represented in leadership positions in the workforce. This is not so much the problem. The problem is that women feel like they must choose between having a family and having top positions in companies. Why do we have to choose? Why can’t we do both? And if we must choose, why are we looked down upon if we choose our families over our companies? As women, we know what things are worthwhile in our lives. And family is much more valuable than a job. I’m not saying that women should not work, or that they should just stay home to cook, clean, and have children. What I’m saying is that if a woman chooses to support her family by staying at home, rather than through monetary support, then that is just as admirable as a woman who works forty hours a week to pay her family’s bills.


  1. I agree. It’s funny because when thinking of a “good mom” a woman that has sacrificed her career to raise her family comes to mind. By association a woman who chooses her career and seeks outside help could be seen as an “non supportive/not dedicated mother” You would never classify a man who works a lot as “bad” father because he would be seen as the breadwinner. It’s honestly really unfair that women are seen as responsible for taking care of their family as well as working a potentially forty hour job. I mean when are women supposed to sleep? I hope that society starts to understand that men/women can both play the same roles. I think this would definitely benefit modern day families and significantly take stress off of women.

  2. This post made me start to think what if I had just gotten a promotion to the top of a company’s board and got pregnant. What would I choose? Would it be worth it to take those first special years off to be with my child or would it be worth it to continue working with the increased life style to have money for my child’s future? I can’t imagine making this kind of decision because either way you are losing part of your life, and I hate to think how many women have to make this choice. In my own personal life, one of my sorority sisters just had a baby and yet she is my age. I have seen her struggle in making the decision to continue her education or be with her child. She drives to and from Richmond each and every day just to go to class, attend chapter, and be present at our events, and then return home each day to her baby boy. Seeing someone my age have to balance these things so soon amazes me and makes me take for granted all the free time and freedom I have on my own without such a child bearing responsibility. I would never want to be the mother that doesn’t take their time for the child, yet in order to efficiently provide certain ends need to be made. Seeing my sister balance things so well, I believe that it is perfectly possible for women to do both and that more women should have the option provided by businesses. That way the business is still getting something out of their employee and a mother can still spend time with her child and feel as though she is continuing to provide for her family.

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