Posted by: jessicasinger4 | January 24, 2013


Feminism is defined as fighting for equal rights for women. To me, there are many levels of feminism, ranging from thoughts about equal rights, to actual movements to get what they want and deserve. Technically, I believe that I could be a lower extreme of a feminist because I don’t believe that men and women should be seen as unequals when it comes to anything in life. As a young woman, when I look back in history, I am so thankful that there were woman who realized they were seen as minorities in society who, no matter what the outcome was, stood up for what they believed in to fight for equality. I can’t imagine living in a world today where all my role in society was to stay at home and take care of the house and kids. As a junior in college, I feel so accomplished because I’m going to get a degree and go for my masters to become a physical therapist and fulfill my life dream. Early in the 1900s, woman had no say in anything they did. All they did was conform to society and did what they were told, otherwise they could be punished or shunned by society.

Feminism peaks my interest when it comes to what men think about it. Ever since the beginning of time, most white, landowning, males had all their rights practically handed to them on a platter. Back then, woman were minorities in their societies along with African Americans. I know most men think that feminists are radical and can be extremists but they need to put themselves in our shoes and think about what it was like for women to have no say in anything. It’s so great to see woman stand up for themselves and to run for leadership positions in the government, in which 50 years ago would have been unacceptable. I feel blessed to live in a time where woman aren’t afraid to challenge men and to be held at the same level in society as them.


  1. I agree. It is so unfortunate that the term and idea of feminism has such a negative connotation. This is an issue many people are so passionate about and some have acted in extreme ways. Although the term feminism has a negative term, I feel as if they have made significant progress in advocating and raising awareness about women’s rights. It’s hard to look past the negative connotation the word has because when we think about it by definition, “an organized movement for the attainment of such rights for women”-( mostly everyone would say they believe and that, but would they identify themselves as a feminist?

  2. I think you make a great point Jessica. You often find both men and women viewing feminism as radical extreme views. Never do you hear about a straight, white male being a feminist. That seems like an absurd concept to me. Yet in reality, hopefully most of the men of our generation are, by definition, feminists. At this point in our progression of history it can be generalized that equal rights for women is obvious. Thus, the majority of both men and women should be feminist. Yet, people view feminists as being weak or different so they could feel threatened by it, thus talking down about it to lift up their own view. I think that is a big reason why people do not classify themselves as “feminist.”

  3. Thinking of feminism in terms of different degrees is a very interesting way of looking at it. I would think of myself as a lower degree feminist because although I do believe women’s rights are an issue that do need to be brought up and sorted through, it is not one of my main focuses. You bring up a good point, can men be thought of as feminist? Or would they even want to? With the negative connotation that comes with the name feminist one must feel very passionately about the subject to even use that word on themselves.

  4. I believe that it is difficult for men to consider themselves feminists today because there is such a radical stereotype attached to the word ‘feminism.’ I also consider myself a lower extreme feminist because I believe that men and women should have equal rights and opportunites. However, I think it is nearly impossible to have complete ‘equality’ because truthfully it is natural to have a constant struggle amongst genders, races, and sexual orientations. If one surpasses the other, then the opposing team feels threatened and strive harder to once again usurp authority. I think the term feminism embodies this constant struggle for women to surpass men when in actually, it is more about equal opportunities.

  5. I would have to agree with Erica and Austin that I consider myself a “lower level feminist.” I do believe that men and women should have a certain level of equality in all aspects of life however I also think that in certain areas or aspects men or women are more fitting. First off in parenting, though I know there are single fathers prevalent I feel that a woman is more prepared (usually) for child rearing than a man and have an easier time in dealing with children, In the same way I believe men should be in the NFL and not women due to their chance of getting hurt. I thought the discussion in class about how negative the term feminism is was very interesting. Because of some of the more extremist feminist who seem as if they are almost working towards putting women AHEAD of men rather than as equals, the word feminism has acquired a negative connotation.

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