Posted by: kylepanas11 | January 29, 2013

US military to allow women on the frontline

US military to allow women on the frontline

    In 1994, a policy was set that banned women from serving in combat roles such as infantry and artillery in the United States military. Now, the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, has decided to lift this ban. 

    Notice the statement mentioning individual services being allowed to seek exemptions, and the section mentioning the type of warfare that makes “gender based restrictions obsolete.”



  1. Just so other folks know, this post was not one meant for one of the “substantial posts” that should be commented upon for this week. Kyle was working out tech issues. As of now, I see 4 posts that are fair game for this week’s comments.

  2. Though i strongly believe in equality of the sexes especially with my generation as we should be within that advanced level, i am on the fence about the ban being lifted. I believe that yes women should be recognized as being as significant as men and should also be considered heroes for their daily efforts. However when it comes down to it men are more physically apt for the position and often have the characteristics of having less emotions play into their decision making. Women on the other hand can be equally as skilled and as smart but on a physical capability level can it really be considered a competition? I assume that my up bringing plays a significant role but it is interesting to see how there are different opinions upon this matter

  3. I’ve been fascinated by the lifting of this ban because it’s a conversation we have frequently in my home. My father served for twenty-two years in the Marine Corps so I grew up surrounded by the military mentality. My mother, who has always taught my sister and I that we can do anything we set our minds too, feels very strongly that women do not belong on the frontline. I personally have a hard time swallowing that though I understand her arguments. In my opinion, if anyone (a man, a woman, or a homosexual individual) is able-bodied, of sound mind, and willing to accept the possibility of paying the ultimate sacrifice for their country, they should absolutely be allowed to serve, especially with the changing face of warfare. Is there really even a ‘frontline’ anymore? I would argue not with the increase of technology in battle.

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