Posted by: saramariafinley | February 5, 2013

A Letter to my Daughter

Hey everyone, this is a really interesting article I found that you should read if you get the chance! Just click the picture and it will take you to the link.




  1. This article was very interesting. I just went to the straight text and started to read without skimming or checking out the whole page first. This led me to no realize that it was actually the father that was writing this. It was until he said, “I love your mom” that I realized it was a mother writing to her daughter. For some reason I just assumed it would be. I think I made the assumption partly because mothers and daughters often write each and are more close. I think I also thought it was a woman writing because it dogged the Super Bowl which is typically the man’s favorite event of the year. It was the way that he talked about the Super Bowl and the cheerleaders that made me think it was a woman. So my thought from this is, is writing (vocab and subject) gendered?

  2. I thought this article was very touching. I also at first glance thought this was a mother telling her daughter that women were more than men and society made them out to be and that she should always strive to break the stereotypes. The fact that the letter was from a father was even more touching in that its a male who realizes, most likely through having a daughter of his own, that these gender stereotypes seem to really limit the jobs women can do. The fact that men are seen as tough and the football players and women are meant to be the ditzy cheerleaders are gender stereotypes that do more than generalize gender jobs but gender qualities as well. It’s up to parents of the next generation to stop the spread of these gender role stereotypes to bridge the gap between the sexes.

  3. This was a very unique and touching article. I assumed it would be the mother writing to her daughter but instead it was her father. I think the fact that the father was the writer of the article is what touched me the most because it shows that women are not the only people that care about women’s disadvanatges in today’s world.
    Also I had not thought about the superbowl as an anti-womens event but now I see that it is. The only women feautured in the superbowl are being feautred for their bodies and are wearing highly sexual outfits. Every little boy that watches the superbowl wants to be a player in it one day and every little girl that watches it wants to be a cheerleader. What is that teaching young girls about their role in life? They need to be fit, hot, and wear little clothes to succees and the scariest part they will be on the sidelines cheering men on instead of actually partaking in the event themselves.

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