Posted by: tarynfox10 | February 6, 2013

Beauty and the Beast: 2/6/13

ImageThere is this show on The CW called Beauty and the Beast that I have just recently started to watch. It is about this woman who is a cop in New York City and this ex-soldier. Catherine and her female partner are portrayed as these tough, assertive women who dress feminine and are highly revered by their boss. They do a lot of detective work and are very good at it, they always figure out each case they are assigned and sometimes even ones that are not assigned to them. However, there is a team of detectives that likes to pick on them in the office. The team consists of two men and they do not like the fact that the women are very good at solving the cases. Therefore they make fun of them constantly and use derogatory terms referring to women. The Beast (Vincent) helps out with Catherine’s cases, but he is really there for good looks and romance.

Why are the men so threatened by the fact that two women are beating them at their work? If it were two men, would they be as harsh? Another thing that was interesting is that the women are portrayed as tough detectives, but they are always wearing feminine shirts, shoes, etc. This is getting at the bitch and ditz concept we discussed in class. They are combining the two into one. Why does the media often address this issue instead of other issues with their leadership style?


  1. were Catherine and her partner work partners or relational partners?

  2. I like that you posted about this because it is a concrete example about gender in the media. I find it interesting that almost 85% of the time there IS that powerful, assertive go-getting woman hero, she is in spandex, busty, and gorgeous.Rarely do we see a leader portrayed in the cinematic world that hasn’t once been featured in Sport’s Illustrated, ie: Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, ect. We all know sex sells, but it’s sad to see the days of appreciation of pure genuine character are now gone.
    The title Beauty and the Beast itself polarizes the genders and gives hint to the audience that their will be conflict between the two genders. Although I’ve never seen the show, I’m not surprised you mentioned the male actor is there for romance. It’s sad that in today’s world we expect and crave a romantic story line somewhere in the plot. I’ve found myself being disappointed or confused when there wasn’t a romantic twist to a movie or television show. The media has constantly portrayed women as needing to be fulfilled by a man to be satisfied/complete that we now expect it.

  3. I think the point of the men in the show that pick on the two women is done to undermine the success of the women in order for viewers to stay engaged in the show. If there wasn’t some sort of controversy over the fact that the women are successful the show would not be seen as interesting or profitable.
    Also, the show is trying to appeal to viewers by having “strong” or at least mock-strong women protagonists. Portraying the women as competent but also as beautiful, women must be both in order to be successful.

  4. I agree that it is interesting how women are portrayed in the media. Even though the ladies are seen as great detectives they still have to be in tight skirts and have sex appeal to get hired for that position. That is what sells though, but it isn’t just the women that are seen in that way. Men as well are hired in the acting business for their looks and to draw in the female crowd. The director or producer would not have placed an unattractive man as the beast for this film. So maybe this is just the film industry in general. Both men and women see an easier time in the movie business if they are seen as sexy and attractive.

  5. Honestly, I dont think the other male team would have verbally shown their dislike of the female team had they been male. I think they would have been much more respected but I do think the aggression and general dislike would have remained simply because the female team was getting high praise from their boss and solving all of their cases. As for the manner of dress, I think this is only because it keeps the viewers watching. This way it has something for girls who approve of the tough personality and the guys who approve of the outfits. This is what usually keeps viewers watching. The shows that last the longest on television are wrought with drama, sex, and females acting within their stereotypes. Soap operas like Guiding Light went on for over twenty years because of the constant drama and sexual encounters. Media has learned that to keep people’s attentions they need to amp up these qualities.

  6. I think you bring up some good thought. In Rissoli and Isle, another women detective show, they wear heels everywhere they go. Is that realistic? NO! I can barely make it through a dance in heels let alone a 12 hour work day which involves chancing down bad guys. I think it is to keep the women from seeming butch or actually men. They are double trouble in a way. They are tough and hot. That’s some men’s dreams. As for the men being mean to the women. I think it stems from the fact that they expect women to be inferior to them when, in reality, they are better at the job. I do think the men would be mean to men doing the same thing to an extent because it is a competition. But no man likes to be beaten by a girl so they act even meaner. But why is that?

  7. I first noticed this post beacuse of the picture attached, which reminded me of Vampire Diaries and other romantic tv shows, so its funny how knowing nothing about it the series, I already assumed there was a gender mix of relations. I also find it funny how in reading this post the female detective, Catherine?, seems to be the main character. Yet why is she in the picture title for the series in the background?? I feel like this alone symbolizes how men are always let to the front and women pushed to the back, regardless of their levels of importance. Although I have not seen the show, and maybe the male does play a bigger part, I believe little things like these are reasons why the media has such a influence on our mental ideas of things. Because as I noticed, the little details can culture people’s minds into thinking a certain way about the world.
    And to add a personal note, I love CSI and crime/detective shows! I always find it funny how since a kid I have always favored the female detectives though, admiring their strength and independence; hoping one day I could be her. Like the men in this film, there will also be people for women leaders and against it, so until the time changes where the mentality of only male leaders are gone; women will continue to struggle to prove their worth in these higher up positions.

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