Posted by: juliamillard114 | February 7, 2013

Miss Representation: women vs women

“65% of American women and girls report disordered eating behaviors.” 

“The number of cosmetic surgical procedures performed on youth 18 or younger more than tripled from 1997 to 2007.”

These statistics from the movie Miss Representation are anything but pleasing to hear. I’m curious to know, how many of these women were bullied by other women and caused these statistics to occur? How can women ever climb the ladder in leadership if they are constantly being degraded by their own gender? Women say they want equality but I don’t think that is even attainable until war is no longer being raged among women as a whole. 

While watching Miss Representation  today in class, I couldn’t help but think about how much women criticize other women. It is said that women dress to please other women, not men. Is it harmful to women’s success in the fight for equality in leadership if women are constantly criticizing their own? I think the answer is yes. Women need to set an example for our counterparts and show that we are strong and capable of handling a leadership position. If men saw the way that women degrade other women, would they want a woman in a leadership position who might do that to an employee? Hell no! Women who criticize other women are not only harming their own potential in attaining a leadership position, but they are threatening the potential for equality in leadership for all women. Take Mean Girls as an example. Cady Heron falls into unhealthy relationships with Regina George and her clique. They bring each other down with comments and actions and its nothing but degrading to all of their potential. If the CEO of a company saw the way that those girls treated each other, they would never have a chance in getting a job in that company, let alone any leadership position.

Just think, if women were supportive of one another and not pitted against each other, we could run the world just like Beyonce’s song. This song is definitely empowering to women, so I say we support one another, just like Beyonce is encouraging us to, especially when she says: “Boy you know you love it how we’re smart enough to make these millions. Strong enough to bear the children then get back to business.”




  1. I agree with these statements. In reference to the video we watched about the new women senators, I was curious to know if they would fall victim to these sort of behaviors. In front of the cameras, they are united because they are a landmark group of women pursuing politics in D.C. They act all “buddy-buddy” when they are in front of the lights, but when it comes down to the floor of the Senate, do the claws come out? That is my biggest fear if we were to have a 102 women in charge of our House. Would they boil down to petty female actions like they do in Mean Girls? Or would they rise above and become the women depicted by Beyonce.
    We as women have the ability to do so much and reach our full potential, but that will only come if we are united and able to work together.

  2. I thought a lot about this video and even talked about it with my roommate and mom. I think that people ,especially women ,realize the issues with our society today and how some of these problems ,such as surgeries and eating disorders, are progressively getting worse. I think that the saying tht women dress for other women is exactly 100 % correct and that it is sad that that is how society views others, based soley on how people look rather than who they are as a person. We are so quick to judge others based on apperance rather than trying to get to know who they are, what they represent and how there actions portray the individual that they are. I think that media as a huge negative impact on the way that people are suppose to look and a lot of it is fake. This is apparent becasue it is shown in everyday life through fake adevertising of models and comes across to regular citizens to be the norm for how a person should look. It is sad that people have expectations hw how others should look based on what media presents. I know personally when I was younger I was constantly worried about my weight and I think a lot of that had to do with the fact tht I was letting society and everyone else telling me what I had to look like. I am now proud to say that I am accepting of who I am as a person and not going to allow someone else to tell me otherwise, I think that people need to have this outlook at society and realize the negative impact that media is placing on people especially the younger generations. I have a younger sister and I can’t even describe the amount of digusting comments and gestures that I hear her telling me about others in her high school based on things that they get from the media. It is disturbing to see how much influence that the media has on citizens and how that makes or breaks there view of another individual.

  3. Exactly! People don’t realize what happens when a woman hates on another woman. Just like when a man keeps ragging on another man, it’s embarrassing. CEO’s do not want divisiveness. If a woman really wanted to change the world and make a difference, she should be banning together with other women to do so, not making them out to be fools. It’s all a competition and if you make somebody else look like a fool by trying to one-up them then you will probably look like a fool yourself.

  4. I feel that you have made some very interesting points with your post. The fact that too many girls have eating disorders, and most have self esteem and self image deficiencies. This is a problem that we, as women that have come before them and worked through these issues, need to help them persevere through. How can we help though? I talked about this in class briefly, but there are a number of organizations that are working with children mainly young females to promote healthy habits for not only the body but also the mind. Girls on the Run works with middle schoolers all over with workshops to teach about healthy habits with eating, exercise, and with self-image. However this isn’t the only example I have of this. Recently I received a lunchbox as a gift that has my name embroidered on it. When I received this gift I was looking at the tag and the company also helps, by working with the company financially, young females face these challenges.

  5. I completely agree with the desire for women to stop tearing each other down and instead support one another. I feel like a lot of the eating disorders, self lack, etc. stems from girls judging and tearing each other down rather than encouraging and not being destructive. There is such a lack of self confidence among girls of all ages that by judging one another, it can be impossible to be able to achieve higher goals when our eyes are so much upon each other.

  6. I completely agree with what everyone here is saying. It makes me wonder though, girls tear each other down so much yet we always blame it on the boys! We are feeding a vicious cycle, because if girls do it to girls, then boys think it is okay. It is time for WOMEN to set the example and walk to walk rather than just talk the talk on how to be treated and respected.

  7. I think this problem isn’t necessarily something that CEOs are going to deal with because the true problem of women being that awful to one another lies in their youth. Now i’m not saying that there aren’t adults who act completely immaturely, however, its in the educational years where these problems occur the most and where body dysmorphia begins to form. The problem of gender division and bullying has got to be addressed with youth and backed up by positive reinforcement for self-esteem and self-efficacy in both boys and girls.

  8. i definitely agree. Women can be extremely vicious towards one another. Especially if they are jealous or feel threatened by one another. I think this is especially intense during the teen years. I know personally if i thought someone someone was beautiful I would look for other personality flaws.
    This is absolutely awful my all teenage girls are guilty of it. Tearing each other down is fun but in reality it is extremely hurtful. Now that I have matured I do my best to look for positive qualities and to stick up for fellow young women.

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