Posted by: kat848 | February 12, 2013

Interviewing an Amazing Woman

Today I interviewed an outstanding woman. She was born in London and moved to the U.S. but soon became homeless. She eventually worked her way up the chain of command to become the Vice President of a real estate development company but felt as though they had been using her as a female to cross the barriers they had previously run into. They limited her growth in the company and got rid of her after she had helped them with their goals. She applied for many jobs including one in which she was declined employment because the woman could not understand her accent (which was perfectly clear). So the  woman had basically been threatened by a young overqualified woman who had been inquiring about potential growth in the company. She stated that she had noticed numerous times, bias in the workforce. But when she became a leader in her career she attempted to overcome such bias. She hired male interns along with female and both genders for case workers. But she soon noticed that the male interns were great while the male case workers were difficult and would not take orders from a female. Her leadership style is naturally more masculine so she was very direct with them and refused to be flirtatious to get the job done. Eventually she simply began to hire women employees who seemed more empathetic and enthusiastic about the job.

Her leadership style has earned her the title of “bitch” from the lips of the males she ahs worked with, but females consider her strong, outspoken, and caring. I wonder if she had been more flexible in her leadership style if the male interactions she had would have gone better or if they would simply have labeled her a ditz? I personally think she is an incredible leader and we need more people like her in the world promoting the positive independent side of women leadership.

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