Posted by: josephineprudhomme | February 14, 2013

Lauren Greenfield

One of the points that really stuck out to me from MISSREPRESENTATION was that it was up to use to change the way the media portrayed women. It made me feel empowered to teach younger girls that the media was something to be ignored and not taken for reality. However it needs to be a step bigger than that in that we voice out the problems the media is having on the teens and young adults of our generation. Lauren Greenfield is somewhat of an inspiration to me in that she is so bold to go out and make these powerful documentaries to show the world how flawed humankind can become. Lauren Greenfield was a Harvard undergrad when she realized her passion in film making after a several month long film study abroad program. Even more so she was able to use her documentary making talents to bring to light issues that seemed to have resided under everyone’s rugs for years. Greenfield’s documentary Thin, was one of her most powerful documentaries, especially as relating to it from a woman’s perspective. For those of you who don’t know This was a documentary in which Greenfield lived within a rehabilitation center for women with eating disorders. Greenfield’s documentary shows audiences first hand how deep a women’s and in some cases even a man’s struggle with obtaining this ideal image as produced by society and the media. After watching documentaries such as thin and more recently MISSREPRESENTATION, I can’t help be feel empowered that as a woman of my generation¬† I should stand up and make a point, though how to do this without being seen as just another “crazy feminist” seems daunting. It’s women like Lauren Greenfield that show how we can make an issue brought to attention simply by showing first hand the raw details of the issue while bringing a true story to light.


  1. Wow it sounds like Thin is an awesome documentary, I will have to check it out. I agree, I think all of us in class have grasped the fact that something SHOULD be done, and as leadership students, we want to know WHAT and HOW. A majority of our generation is driven to make a difference and get involved. I definitely agree as I feel like it is our responsibility to give back and help the younger generation grow up with more positive influences and role models. I like the you mentioned this is challenging to do, without coming across like a crazy feminist. I think the difference is we need to stop just saying/protesting/advertising, and start doing. The best way to give these younger girls a better role model is to BE a better role model. Instead of bashing things that are bad representations, we create better representations. Moving forward in a positive direction is key.

  2. I think that in order to get the point across to a large majority of the population about the issues of misrepresentation of women in leadership positions it is neccesary to have a huge influential protesting. People are going to pay attention to something that is making such an impact that it is impossible to ignore it. We can talk all we want to about the issues and discuss about how visible that they are to the world but if everyone just talks about it and doesn’t do something about it nothing will ever proceed in a positive direction. We need to have that on women who is so invested in this topic that they are willing to be the one to stand up for it. I think when one person takes that step to be the leader everyon will support her. It is going to be a challenging and hard struggle to get this point across to others and that change needs to be made but once it happens it will make a huge impact on the way women are percieved in leadership!

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