Posted by: meganmcalexander10 | March 14, 2013

Initial 3/14

This quote from Wilson really sticks out to me: “‘If you have values or morals, you’re not going very  far in politics.'” This was fascinating for me. If we listen superficially to the current politicians, they are in their current positions because they have a certain set of values that people could relate to. When I coupled that quote with the idea that politicians do seem to have values, I wonder what message people should be getting from political leaders. Are values supposed to be temporary? For me, based on personal observations, the answer is no. Even politicians stick by the set of values they claimed to have during campaigns.

However, it is the issue of morals that raises a deep question for me. Shouldn’t values and morals go hand in hand? If a person has a specific set of values–for instance, honesty, a good work ethic, and family–shouldn’t that person have the morals to support those values. Any person, man or woman, should have a sense of right or wrong that lets them know when they are being dishonest or hurting their family. Then that sense of right or wrong should be developed enough to make that feel bad or uncomfortable for the rest of his or her life, or at least until he/she apologizes.

Maybe I am not observing close enough, but politicians don’t seem to listen to their morals very well. They are well aware of their values, and do everything in their power to make sure those values are supported, understood, and almost shoved down someone else’s throat, but politicians’ morals are fuzzy for me. I can’t tell whether they know right or wrong, or if they even care whether their wants are what is right for the country they are supposed to be leading.

Essentially, shouldn’t our leaders be outstanding examples for the younger generations? And how do female leaders determine the example they should be showing if every possible example is degraded?


  1. We the people really don’t know what personal morals politicians hold, as campaigns revolve policy and action, which causes us to believe that they must possess our morals because we believe our morals to be right. Therefore, since we want them to be like us and think like us (which will never happen), we judgmentally call foul on their actions. I don’t think that politicians are generally sleazebags. Quite the contrary. They are people, family men and women who have a certain set of values and morals that they have tended too their entire lives. It is up to us as citizens to recognize our differences and think critically instead of stereo-typically. Becoming knowledgeable and aware will allow us to make better judgments of our leaders instead of lumping them all together as a conglomeration of murderous thieves after our “american” integrity. In terms of how this applies to women I’m not really sure, based on the post which, though well written, does not really allow room for a discussion on the subject.

  2. I feel like where politics are concerned soon you lose sight of the moral good at hand and start to see things from the perspective of whats best for national interests or for your country, which as history has proven time and again it does not always coincide with morality. I think once you obtain some sort of power or popularity it goes to your head and instead of concerning one’s self with good moral judgment you instead favor a course of action that will further your ego-trip and boost popular opinion. This could turn you against what you know to be right and moral. Or you could begin by believing you’re simply doing whats best for your country and end up manipulating and lying your way into bad moral calls.

    I think our leaders should of course be some of the best examples for young generations. But this is not always the case and more often it is a minority rather than the majority. Some of the worst cases of inhumanity and immoral actions are seen through political leaders, for example Hitler, Mussolini, Tito, etc. But there are few political female leaders in history who have really made headlines. This leaves plenty of room to show that women could do just as well if not better than a male politician. Who knows maybe women will even bring morality into the equation.

  3. I think one thing that should be thought about is whether politicians act out their values. I think you are right in saying that they shove their values don your throat but do they act them out behind the scenes? I’m currently watching House of Cards series and all the politicians show strong values and even morals but behind the view of the public are manipulative and dangerous. Is this the case for real life politicians?

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