Posted by: meganmcalexander10 | March 21, 2013

I found this interesting. It actually addresses whether women can “have it all”.


  1. Angella Nazarian’s article was really interesting in that she broke down core issues women have in trying to “have it all” such as being a successful mother and wife as well as being successful in the work place. A key issue that many working women have is finding the right balance to juggling the two worlds of home life and work life. unfortunately many of these women are criticized by other men and women alike for choosing to do a “mediocre” job in both positions rather than sticking to one, either full time dedicated housewife or employee. However Nazrian’s article expresses how that with some effort and work we as women do not have to choose between two ideals but rather can blend and balance the two. She explains that by answering 5 key questions about oneself and our wants and goals we can achieve this better balance and approach change in our lives in a more empowering and positive manner. Change is something that many of us struggle to handle successfully as it can take time to adapt to and process change. The question that stuck out the most to me was how are you limiting negative ideas about yourself? whether it is self inflicted or inflicted through someone or something else Nazarian argues that we need to end the cycle of guilt society dishes out for women juggling motherhood and the workforce. To limit these negative ideas Nazarian explains that we must concentrate on our own personal strengths and be sure to exploit them in our daily lives to make us confident and determined in our daily decisions. At the end of the article a short sentence in bold stands out as probably the most significant few words of the article “our work always starts with ourselves.” As women we cannot change the negative or guilt giving mindsets of everyone in society but if we accept our decisions and the roles we play in every aspect of our lives then we are changing the most important mind-set first, that of our own.

  2. Thanks for this extra bit Megan!

  3. This was an interesting article to read. There are certainly a lot of good points said in the article. I think it is notable that passion should be at the core of your life. Goals are a lot more likely to be accomplished if passion is a factor in it. However, I do think the article is some what limiting. There are several other factors that should be considered and recognized when striving to “have it all.” Granted, there is only so much that can be put into a short article.

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