Posted by: austinbowery10 | March 27, 2013

Media, Music, and Empowerment 3/28

So I was inspired by our guest speaker on Tuesday to research how our armed forces appeal to and recruit women.  I was surprised when I stumbled upon an article that pertained to pop icon, Katy Perry’s Part of Me music video.  Even though the article is not published by a well-known editorial, it is interesting to see that the music video had many overtones directed towards young women.  In the article, the author states, “While regular “Be All You Can Be” TV commercials were effective in the past, today’s young generation watches less TV and more YouTube. So why not use pop stars who getting hundreds of millions of YouTube views and who are already used to push other aspects of the elite’s agenda?” The music video received a lot of praise because it was different than what the pop star’s usual style and it showed how the armed forces empower women.

However, there are many people who disagreed with the video’s message.  In another article I found online, a radical, popularized feminist named Naomi Wolf was offended by the messages Katy Perry conveyed through her video. Wolf was upset by the fact that the reason Katy Perry joined the military was because of her lonely heartbreak with her cheating boyfriend.  There is no sense of empowerment for women if the reason they feel empowered is because of a man.  She was also outraged by the violent acts Katy Perry presented in her video.  Wolf boldly stated, “I would suggest a boycott of this singer whom I really liked — if you are as offended at this glorification of violence as I am.” Although Wolf may seem completely irrational, there are many women who sympathize with her.

This music video raises many questions about some of the topic we have discussed in class.  We typically view the armed forces as roles of power and empowerment, so why should Katy Perry’s Part of Me video be critiqued as counter-productive to her message of female empowerment?  Do these types of videos give women a false sense of what power and empowerment are? In addition, this video raises the question: how much social influence does the media and public figures such as Katy Perry have and the messages that they communicate to women?

Katy Perry’s Part of Me Music Video:

Negative Review of Katy Perry’s Music Video:

Positive Review of Katy Perry’s Music Video:


  1. These articles and the Katy Perry video is such as good example of how much of an influence media has on the culture and society. There are people that are literally obsessed with Katy Perry. With her being in the lime light, she has to be extremely conscious of what her actions are portraying to the public. Granted, she is human and will make mistakes or not realize her impact on other women. However, I think this video allows for empowerment for those that are receptive to this style and direction

  2. I think that it is apparent that famous people, like Katy Perry , have a huge influence on people and the way that they view things. Katy Perry is one person who has had a huge impact on the young people and their image of leadership, especially in this particularly video. Personally when watching this video I was a little disappointed in how it came across that the only reasoning as to why she joined the Marines was because of a destruction of her relationship with a boy. I have many family members that are in the military and I think that the video could have been portrayed in a better fashion and still showed a positive image of women in this mainly male dominated position. Katy Perry already has such a positive influence on young women and therefore I think it was a very powerful message that she portrayed to people about how women can be powerful in a leadership position and that we can achieve anything and everything that we try to. I think that this is true for everyone of every race, or gender. Women and men both have such potential and each share and also have different qualities that can all be beneficial to contributing to a group or leadership position. I think that Katy Perry overall was trying to make a positive impression on women and letting them realize that they can achieve anything that they strive for.

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