Posted by: josephineprudhomme | April 5, 2013

Geisha, Bith, or guy?

Although Heffernan’s whole article was very interesting and eye opening with all the facts regarding the difference in roles between men and women both in the work place and at home, what stuck out most was the section on which so many people believe that women need to assimilate in order to be successful. We’ve touched on this topic several times in class in which we discussed how women in some way, shape, or form have to alter their real personality to be successful in the work place. I think several will agree that when assuming a leadership position someone’s attitude may alter in that they become more confident, forceful, etc. However is it really that necessary for women to completely change how they act? Whether it is “
soft shelling” their ambition or maybe donning a “tough skin” to be a man, to what extent is it necessary for women to alter themselves? Is it fair that women have to constantly wonder if how they are acting is appropriate to the person they are speaking to? Chances are this most likely changes depending on the sex of the person they are speaking to. Understandably women believe they need to alter their behavior to be more accepted in a male dominated position of leadership because they way I which society portrays women, emotional, nurturing, etc, does not give support to them in a leadership role. However if every woman who entered into a leadership position decided they had to completely change themselves to be accepted than what is even the point of striving for a position? Have you really gotten it because YOU are the ideal leader or because you can play the ideal leader part? Women need to understand that if we are to ever make gains for greater acceptance of women as leaders then we need to show who we are within our leadership styles. We do not need to be limited to 3 categories of geisha, bitch, and guy. Society may judge women in leadership roles according to these three categories but women need to not buy into the idea nor place one another into those categories, because lets face it, no one wants to be completely a geisha, bitch, or guy. After researching the topic some I found a blog site in which this very topic of “do women need to act like men when leading?” is discussed by both men and women. It has some really interesting points to check out and different perspectives. If you are as passionate about the topic as I am then definitely check this out!


  1. I think you make some really good points, Josie. No one perfectly fits into the geisha, bitch or guy category nor does anyone want. I strongly believe that both men and women should be themsleves in leadership roles because what they have to offer is beneficial. There is a need for a variety of leadership styles, communicative styles, and genders in every working environment because that adds balance to every meeting and situation. If a woman alters herself to fit what she think is best for a work force, then something may end up be missing for that place. Plus eventually, who ever is altering him or her self will get burnt out and end up failing.

  2. I love your enthusiasm for what women need to do. However, word about these necessities needs to get to the women in the public, so they can do so. Without the knowledge of what they need to do, no women will ever believe they CAN do anything about their situation. It is also a matter of giving the women of the working public faith that their actions will result in a positive change in everyone’s favor. Women are operating on the idea that they want to be equal to men, not superior, so they are not trying to shut men out of the workforce. However, in order to get to that equality (as you said) women are altering themselves to fit in to the male idea of an employee or leader.

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