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4/11/13 Post – What Now?

I personally didn’t know what to expect from this class to be completely honest. I mean I obviously knew that it was going to revolve around the subject of women and leadership but I didn’t know that I would learn so much. I have appreciated being able to compare the in class discussions along with the readings to my own personal perspective of what I believe women in leadership roles now looks like. For our reading today we were asked to review chapter 9 in the Wilson book. I wanted to pull out a particular quote that stood out the most to me and discuss how it effects my life, but I also want to hear from you all too and what you think. ” It is important to figure out the person that you want to be before you decide on the leadership role that you want.. be yourself and don’t compromise by trying to be someone that you are not.” This quote is very special to me because it sums up how I feel about most people. I have an always will be the same person until I die. Now, maybe physically that is not the case but that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about being me. Allowing my personality to engulf who I am as a person and to share that with others. I think that it is very rare in today’s society to find people that are okay being who they truly are. I think that it takes a special person to be confident enough to be themselves even if no one agrees with them. Leadership plays along into this role especially because I feel that now a days people feel the need to transform into this alter ego in order to fit into what they believe society qualifies them to be. Women tend to have it more worse off then men mainly because men are seen as being more of the leadership role in the first place. I know in my position I am comfortable being my own person and the leader that I would want to lead my own self. Why on earth would anyone want to lead someone who isn’t who they say they are? I know that this class has taught me a lot about viewing women in leadership and also just leadership qualities in general. I have taken a lot from this class and believe that this quote was a great way to see how I view leadership in my own eyes now. I would love to hear others stories and what you all have taken from the class and even what quote was most relatable to your leadership story.


  1. I definitely grasped some of the same concepts as you throughout the course. I agree it is very important to know yourself and what/who you want to be before attempting to obtain a leadership role. In reference to women in leadership, I think this theory needs to be expressed stronger. Although women are fighting to obtain higher leadership positions and equal playing field, it is very important for them to evaluate their life and priorities before attempting to climb the leadership ranks. I feel like this issue pertains to ambition. If a women understands her priorities and desires to the fullest, her ambition and drive can strengthen to aid in her ultimate success. By evaluating goals and priorities, women can display to the world their seriousness about making it big.

  2. I think that as humans we are constantly changing so while I’m perfectly comfortable with who I am now, who’s to say in ten years I won’t look back mortified? But I also believe that to change who you are to fit some social conformity will only result in a shell of who you formerly were, and if you ever are able to figure who you want to be again, and there are no guarantees, it will be a hard road to travel. I agree that to be a leader you must first be able to lead yourself. No one will trust in someone who is unsure of who they are, a leader represents a group of people or a cause so a good leader must be stable. And I think that at a leader’s roots lies stability and confidence in who they are and what they believe in without these things how can you lead?

    I feel like I’ve learned a lot from this class. I finally feel comfortable defining leadership and the responsibilities that come with it. By focusing on women in leadership I was able to apply what we’ve learned these past three years and its incredible to see all the loose ends tying up.

  3. I did not really expect to get anything out of this course. However, I learned a lot about myself and how I view women in leadership positions. In my career path I am trying to following, women are not very prominent. I will take many things from this class and put them into action. I will try to “be one of the guys” while still remaining feminine. I will stand up for my ideas and be confident in my work. Before this class, I was the one who did not really push for women equality. I was dine with the men taking the lead most of the time. Now, after this course I have been aware of the need for women in all industries or companies because we can bring a lot to the table that men have not even thought of or able to do.

  4. I think that quote is vital and essential for both men and women to really incorporate into their leadership. I don’t think that concept is gender neutral in the sense that only one gender has to focus on it. It might be more of a problem for women, but is definitely not immune to men. I think women are more caught up in this game of finding themselves because we have to learn how to fit into a male dominated work force. As we talked about, women have the ability to choose from many masks and I think women get caught so many different roles that they get mixed up with who they are.
    For any leader, the must truly know who they are before they lead others. Without a sense of self, it is hard to have a foundation of beliefs and standards to lead others with. So once that is mastered and figured out, I think the ability to lead for anyone become immensely easier. With the ability to wear a variety of hats, I think women who know who they are but are able to adapt have the cutting edge of the next generation of leadership.

  5. I agree in that I was unsure as of what to expect of the class. To be honest the class turned out not at all as I expected. I thought it would be a dry stuffy class like almost every other leadership class, however it was a breath of fresh air. For once it was extremely difficult and packed with copious amounts of theories etc. it was nice to discuss with one another, I feel like it made the class more enjoyable because you interacted with other people and got to better understand someone else’s perspective or perception on the subject at hand. The class’s relaxed manner made it easier to wake up at that time in the morning to go to class. I don’t have a particular quote or topic that stuck with me as they all seemed to stick. I think the biggest thing was that it was forcing me to think of things. especially as a woman, that had not really registered before. It opened up my eyes to how hard it really is to be a woman leader in the real world but there are coping strategies in dealing with it all, as we learned in class.

  6. I truly respect a person who is willing to be themselves without anyone else’s approval. In this society, where conformity rears its ugly head in any situation, to be content with you who are is special. For me, I haven’t reached that point yet. College has challenged my views in many ways. The person I was in high school has been hidden by the gulf of new opportunities. This class is one such example. However I felt before has probably been changed. As a future leader (hopefully) I need to reach a place of inner settling. College has taken my new views and melded them with how I feel about myself. I need to separate them or else new experiences and new ideas will continue to heighten my “lostness”.

  7. I agree, I was not sure what I would get out of this class. Additionally I was not at all educated on these issues that we discussed in class. That being said I don’t think most people are aware of them. So one thing I will try to do in the future is be more pro-activie about voicing these issues. For example if I see a woman wearing a short skirt at her place of employement I can casually mention to her that she is representing all women and how important it is to maintain the professional level of work.

  8. I really like that quote as well. I was impressed with how discussions went in class but I am especially glad to learn how we can effect change for women in the future. I think that authentic leadership is one of the most important things a leader can embody. Be true to who you are and encourage others to be the same way. Authentic leadership allows trust and security in a leader-follower relationship. Leadership is a hefty task and if you can’t be yourself, how will you be able to lead others?

  9. As someone who is really solutions-focused, the most interesting part of this class was reading about and discussing various proposed solutions to the obstacles that women face. I could imagine myself doing some things more than others and I really enjoyed the sort of think tank that this class became. I always love hearing others’ perspectives and I feel like I learned a lot from everyone’s input this semester. I feel like we all change a little bit with each new experience that we have – each new base of knowledge we gain – and this class has made me clearly see the crisis of women and leadership as well as motivated me to do my part and take small steps to lessen its impact.

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