Posted by: egotschalk | April 11, 2013

We’ve forgotten what belongs on Page One.

I recently saw this article, and I thought that it related to a lot of what we talked about in regards to the media. The author argues that we no longer know “what belongs on page one”, which essentially means that the media does not prioritize what is important. She gives some compelling evidence regarding the recent murder trial of several doctors and nurses who performed late-term abortions in Pennsylvania. She cites that none of the top three television news networks reported on the murder trial, and a number of top newspapers have also not reported this story.  While this does not specifically cite any one woman leader, I do think that it shows how the media sensationalizes certain stories, but completely ignores others.

How does this tie back to leadership? Well we’ve talked a lot about the media and how it operates in accordance with social and gender norms, and often exacerbates them. However, I would like to talk about this issue in light of what we talked about today: where do we go from here? Wilson and many of the other authors that we’ve read have given us many guidelines and directions on how to make a difference with some of our every day decisions. They tell us to encourage other women, call our elected officials, and support films with women directors and writers. But how do we make a difference with the media? Most of the time, unless the media reports a story we do not learn about it. So how do we change what the media reports? How do we get the media to show interest in stories that they deem unworthy to report (like the one in this article)? Essentially what I’m asking is what strategies would you use in regards to the media now that you have been through this course?

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