Posted by: toritrail | January 11, 2014

Paradoxes with Women in Leadership

This article really intrigued me due to the honesty and brutality of the article – they did not sugar-coat anything at all and truly dug deep into some of the problems faced by women in leadership roles. Some of the problems discussed include wage differences between men and women, general gender stereotypes, and how these differences may hinder womens’ ability to truly excel as confident leaders in the workplace. Definitely a good and eye-opening read!


  1. After reading this article, I, too, am intrigued by the vast differences some women face in corporate life when compared to men. It seems so ridiculous to me that women in the workplace are treated differently than men until I realize, relatively speaking, it was not all that long ago that women were fighting for rights that men have always had. Though so many advances have been made in the past 75-100 years, some companies and societies are still treating women as the lesser gender, and this is a unfortunate reality with which many women must come to terms.

  2. This was such an interesting read! The thing that was the most interesting and surprising to me was the fact that women don’t use networking opportunities like men do. The article says that women spend more time interacting and networking is mostly social. I think it’s interesting that women spend more time fostering relationships than men do (according to this article), but don’t seem to use them for furthering their career. I wonder perhaps if it has to do with the way women are portrayed when they take favors to get ahead in business (like in the media, when a woman is accused of “sleeping with the boss” because she has a position of power)?

  3. We’ll discuss the double-bind issue in depth, and we’ll read Belkin’s article (and an article that provides a counterargument) in the coming weeks.

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