Posted by: Augusta Kiesau | January 13, 2014

Angela Merkel

When I think of women in leadership my mind automatically jumps to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor.  She is one of the most influential politician in the world.  She has just won her third term in office from 460 votes to 150.   She is an amazing woman and even made the Times list of Top Female Leaders Around the World. She jumped over the obstacles of sexism in the German political field and gained the top position and has even retained it!  She helped improve her countries economy in a little over a year when it hit a recession where most leaders in other countries cannot say the same.  She is not afraid to take risks that are the best for her country even if they may seem negative in the public eye.  She is not timid in her role as a leader she is bold.  She is the epitome of a strong woman leader.

Here is an article with more information about her:,9171,1950954,00.html


  1. I studied Angela Merkel in my post-World War II Europe class. She is an influential figure not only in Germany but in the European Union. Forbes magazine ranked her the second most powerful person in 2012 and called her the backbone of the European Union. She is doing her best to work on the European debt crisis and seems to be a leader that acts in the best interest of her people.

  2. This is interesting because Angela Merkel is one of the first leaders I thought of when we discussed Non-American female leaders in our first class. Although I do not know much about her leadership, I know her name and face. It’s strange how we can think of so many male leaders right of the top of our heads, but when we are asked for female leaders the list is much shorter. I would really like to learn more about Merkel’s leadership and other female politicians from global cultures.

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