Posted by: jessicaornstein | January 16, 2014

After reading through a couple of articles, this one seemed to be the most interesting to me so I figured that I would share it. I thought that it was most striking that in more recent years (post-1980s) women have finally been able to take on leadership positions and led women’s magazines but now men are starting to now take over these positions. This is because now there is high demand for magazines be accessed digitally and more men tend to be digital specialists than women. It is fascinating that men are getting moved up and actually replacing women’s positions in companies that write magazines for women!


  1. I find this appalling! Just because males may be better at the digital side of magazines, does that give them the right to lead a women’s magazine? As we discussed, men and women are different in many different ways, mainly in biological make-up and some physical characteristics. Can a man ever relate to a woman dealing with these problems all because their skill-set deals with being “tech-savvy?” I think not.

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