Posted by: jessicacooke11 | January 16, 2014

Strengths of HUMANS

I was thinking about our introduction conversation from the first day of class and how we mentioned the stereotype of male verse female qualities. It was mentioned that women can have the stereotype of being emotional while men are seen to be very logistic. While I believe that it is common sense that this does not apply to all men or female, I saw a comparison with strengths in general.  In the college setting, all students are seen to have their strengths and weaknesses. Students who have a brain that excels in math is going to want a job that builds on that, while someone who shines in artistic majors would probably not do well in a job focused in math.  Women who are very emotional have a huge strength for jobs that require strong relationships such as teachers. On the other side, there are women who are not as emotional but have other strengths. Every woman is different and regardless of whether they are emotional or not, they show individual strengths and weaknesses, just like men, that make them more equipped to handle different jobs or leadership positions.


  1. Very true. We focus too much on boxing in men and women with certain qualities that society says they should have that it becomes forgotten that we have other qualities, as well. If instead of focusing on gender in candidates for a job and just looked at qualifications, then the workplace would become more and more efficient. The qualities that make good leaders in any role, be it teacher or CEO, cannot be contained to either men or women.

  2. I completely agree. I was trying to get to this point earlier in class but I wish there was a way to not necessarily study gender. And I know we always will because the world likes to classify everything. But gender is so different; every male is different and every female is different. Not all women are emotional and not all men are logistic. Creating stereotypes makes people feel like they need to fit those stereotypes and that’s just wrong.

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