Posted by: kayleighlawson13 | January 16, 2014

Women in the Workplace

Women in the Workplace

After our talk in class about women having to decide between work and family, I was reminded of this article I read while researching different top tier business schools.  The statistics of the different schools made me curious about what articles had been written to discuss what happens to women after they graduated. I think this was an interesting take on how women rank in their corporations after school and also on their choices concerning family.  This article does bring up a lot of questions for myself and maybe for others as well about what might happen after graduation.


  1. This was an interesting read so thanks for sharing!
    I feel that for a long time many of us have been told that companies hesitate to hire women for larger and more important positions because of the chance that they might need to take time off from work after having a baby. This article states that 90% of women that were surveyed left their jobs due to issues within the workplace and did not leave in order to take care of their family. I wish that more people knew about this and would hire men and women equally for positions!
    Lastly, towards the end of the article, it shows a handful of statistics. While many of us are aware that men normally have better, higher salary positions (depending on the job), but it is always disheartening to see how low the numbers and percentages are for women. We can only hope that we will see these statistics increase during our lifetime!

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