Posted by: camillecarson11 | January 17, 2014

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better!

So I purchased Beyonce’s new CD (who is my favorite artist) and a lot of her music on this CD is controversial, but also gets thoughts flowing about the person you want to by and the life you want to live. Here’s a link to the song I want to discuss.

So the song is entitled “Flawless” and the song focuses around the beginning of her singing career as a child. They go up against the reigning champion of a singing competition. The song goes on to say she feels like she has earned the respect and proven her worth to society to the point where people should “bow down” metaphorically. The end of the song has some wise words. The describe the plights of being a woman in today’s society on the rise.The main quote that stands out in this part is “We teach women to shrink themselves to make themselves smaller… you should aim to be successful, but not as successful as a man.” I was amazed at this. I do feel like sometimes this is the underlying theme to women’s success being that we are still considered living in a male-dominated society. Is it possible we will ever be viewed as complete equals? What will eventually cause this change?


  1. I think that quote! It really made me start thinking. We have this standard in wanting to become leaders as women that we have to be “as successful as a man.” I think that is one of the things that sets us back. Women should just aim to be the best leader they can be without the comparison of how men are. Some women will be more comfortable with a small leadership role, and they should never feel not good enough just because a man was able to go further up the leadership chain. If a woman wants to be a CEO, then she should do it for herself and the people she would work with and not to surpass a man.

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