Posted by: drshollen | February 17, 2014

Women Images project

Women Images project

Some of you may find this interesting, both the short narrative about the project and the photos themselves.


  1. One of my friends actually posted this on her Facebook page recently. I think it does a tremendous job at breaking down gender stereotypes and barriers in the workplace. I especially liked how the pictures showcased both traditionally male and female careers. I also think that the project took a step even further than just breaking gender norms. For example, one of the photos showed a woman taking care of her baby in her home, which I think was trying to showcase being a full-time mom, which is just as much a job as any other. Another one of the photos showed a lesbian couple together in their home. I like how the project was able to see things from different angles and highlight photos that could open up people’s mindsets a little more.

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