Posted by: drshollen | March 26, 2014

Little Girl Taken Out Of Christian School After Told She’s Too Much Like A Boy

I thought you may find this controversial event worthy of thought and discussion given some of our course topics.


  1. I don’t have much to say except that making her address her sexuality – when she doesn’t yet even fully understand what sexuality and “gender identity” are – will force her to pigeon-hole herself before she can live enough life to make a solid decision. Who cares what she looks like. I personally am a Christian and it greatly offends me how this school acted in response to a beautiful little girl. This is not the message the Christian faith teaches nor is it how any human should be treated based on her appearance.

  2. Even though the girl is only eight years old, I still feel like this experience will end up having a negative impact on her years down the road. When she grows up into her teen years, she is going to be reminded of her school trying to dictate her sense of self and then she may grow up thinking that she has to be a certain way in order to be accepted. School is one of the first social institutions that shapes our identity and I don’t think what the school did was right in the slightest. This reminds me of a similar story I learned about it my Gender Communication class, where a little boy got in trouble with his school for carrying around a My Little Pony backpack and lunchbox because it was to feminine. None of this was hurting anyone else, yet these innocent children get punished without adequate explanation. The way the school reacted just doesn’t seem to resemble true Christian values. We pride ourselves on being a society that accepts everyone for who they are, yet this case seems to point in the opposite direction.

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