Posted by: drshollen | March 31, 2014



This brief article from one woman’s perspective on and experience with the overuse of ‘sorry’ relates to what we discussed earlier in the semester about gender differences in communication style. Check yourself….!


  1. This article points to so many truths. 2 things that stuck out to me was that she said some sentences just didn’t feel complete without adding the word “sorry” and that saying sorry all of the time just seemed like a harmless habit. I have found myself saying sorry for menial things and have even had other people (mostly males), tell me that I don’t need to say sorry for certain things. I do notice that males say it less frequently than females. It is true that it has almost just become a habit because it is like we don’t want to come off as rude or aggressive or any other way we wish not to be portayed. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel right to want to ask a question and not throw a sorry in there beforehand. But, the truth is, we really don’t have to apologize for every single little thing. When the issue warrants it, then a sorry is definitely appropriate. But, why should we feel the need to apologize for something so commonplace as asking a question? We need to learn to be more confident in ourselves and our abilities.

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